OSHA Fit Testing

What is Qualitative fit testing?

Qualitative fit testing is a pass/fail method used on half-masks that relies on senses – such as taste and smell – to detect air leakage from your respirator. The half masks being tested much have an overall fit factor (mask particle concentration divided by the ambient particle concentration) of 100 or less. The test relies on a harmless, yet bitter-tasting chemical called Bittrex, which will determine whether you pass. Rather than measuring the amount of leakage into the facepiece, the qualitative fit test determines whether the facepiece is in working order. Unfortunately, if you taste a bitter substance, it is a fail.

Specifically, at Care Connections At Home, we offer taste-only tests. For those who cannot detect bitter taste, we offer saccharin, an artificial sweetener, as a replacement.

Bittrex: a chemical that leaves a bitter taste in your mouth

Saccharin: a chemical that leaves a sweet taste in your mouth


➤ We provide fit testing for All brands, models, and styles of respirators tested, including N95s and SCBA’s

➤  Keep your team OSHA and MSHA compliant

➤  Streamline scheduling, testing, and training based on your organization’s needs

➤  All OSHA required documentation provided after testing

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