Who are the Best Candidates for Home Care?

The thought of having a professional support service for you or your loved one to live safely at home is often brushed off due to the lack of relevant information on what it is really about. Home care is about helping the aged with professional assistance to live independently and helping people with health issues or recovering from a medical setback and people with disabilities by providing professional caregivers. Some of the caregivers tasked with this task include aides, nurses, therapists, and people with special needs.

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In-Home Speech Therapy Benefits

In-home speech therapy makes a tremendous difference in someone’s quality of life. It’s great for patients suffering from severe cognitive decline, difficulty swallowing, and other afflictions. Speech therapy also helps patients who can no longer pronounce words or struggle to form complete sentences.

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Why Won’t My Loved One Accept Care Assistance?

Many of us have a loved one who is aging or disabled. Whether they are suffering from a stroke, dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or something else, they may require assistance to make it through the day. At first, this assistance may be something you’re able to provide. However, as aging continues and conditions worsen, you may need to seek outside help. Unfortunately, some people won’t accept care assistance at first. Here are some reasons why your loved one may not be open to the idea of receiving additional care from outside the family:

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Three Things Caregivers Wish You Knew

With each year that passes the fear of getting older can creep upon us. Completing regular everyday tasks may start to feel impossible as time goes on. The role of a caregiver is to help you feel like yourself again. While it may be challenging to accept that you need extra help, caregivers can be the perfect support system. Here are three things that caregivers wish you knew about the work that they do.

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Let Our Family Take Care of Your Family

We’re excited to greet you with a new blog entry for the first time in a while. This time, we’d like to focus on what we consider our core mission: letting our family take care of your family. We’re all family here at Care Connections At Home, which is why we’re perfectly situated to help your loved ones receive all the care and personal/professional attention they deserve.

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COVID-19 Tested/Client Approved Ensuring your safety in a time of crisis

Care Connections At Home, a Sarasota-based private duty skilled nursing agency recently cared for an elderly client residing in a local rehab center while she recovered from surgery. The facility was known to have residents who had tested positive for COVID-19. Our client did not exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, cough, runny nose, etc). There … Read more

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