Let Our Family Take Care of Your Family

We’re excited to greet you with a new blog entry for the first time in a while. This time, we’d like to focus on what we consider our core mission: letting our family take care of your family. We’re all family here at Care Connections At Home, which is why we’re perfectly situated to help your loved ones receive all the care and personal/professional attention they deserve.

So, what are the ways we accomplish such a broad objective? Well, there are a lot of small touches we put into making sure your elderly or disabled family members feel right at home.

Let Our Family Take Care of Your Family

In-home-care facilities like ours are designed to provide care, enhance life, rehabilitate, address important medical conditions, and mitigate anxiety. Care Connections At Home believes this should be done on a professional/medical level as well as in a social, and interpersonal way.

Our Skilled Services

These are the skilled services we provide to family members facing critical health conditions.

  • Cognitive Care
  • Concierge Services
  • Amputee Care
  • Stroke Care
  • Post-Operative Care
  • End-of-Life Care
  • Ostomy & Gastrostomy Care
  • . . . and several more.

As you can see, we address very delicate life conditions, which demand the detail and concern of our highly-trained medical professionals. We’re also fully furnished to handle 24-hour-care, pediatric care, and patients with advanced stages of Parkinson’s.

Other Important Specialty Services

Then we have some other specialty services, including:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • CNA Services
  • Speech Therapy

. . . and more.

These are more geared toward the rehabilitative side of our operations. We take pride in being able to provide more than just a warm bed and shelter; we’re not merely a hospice. These specialty services allow us to develop rehab regimens and genuinely enhance the quality of life for almost anybody who walks through our doors.

Care Connections At Home seeks to reflect the values of our friends and neighbors in the beautiful Sarasota area. We know you love your disabled family members and expect proper care. One of the ways we ensure that your family is in good hands with our family is by thoroughly vetting everyone we hire. All of our nurses and staff are thoroughly vetted for credentials, criminal background, physical condition, and overall character. You can expect the best from us, and if you’re not sure, feel free to contact us to learn more at 941-404-5760.

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