Care Connections At Home, a Sarasota-based private duty skilled nursing agency recently cared for an elderly client residing in a local rehab center while she recovered from surgery. The facility was known to have residents who had tested positive for COVID-19. Our client did not exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, cough, runny nose, etc). There were seven caregivers who cared for this client over a 4 – day period. Each caregiver wore a gown, gloves, face shield, and a properly fitted N95 mask.

A few days later the facility notified our agency the client we cared for tested positive for COVID-19. The Administrator researched the CDC guidelines which indicated the situation was not considered an “exposure” because the caregivers donned and consistently wore the proper PPE and N95 mask.

As an extra added precaution, the Administrator took a conservative approach by notifying all caregivers, asking them to get tested and to self-quarantine while they were waiting for their test results.

Six days later we can proudly announce none of our caregivers tested positive. Why? Because Care Connections At Home is accredited to perform fit testing for N95 masks and we fitted all of our caregivers with a properly fitted mask, educated them about infection prevention strategies, and equipped them with knowledge about common symptoms of COVID19 they should be aware of while caring for clients. If you or your loved one needs home health services, give us a call. We will provide high-quality care and take all precautions to keep you safe! Call us now at (941) 404-5760.

‍Susan Mahoney, MS, BSN – Administrator

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