The Need for Senior Transportation is Greater Than Ever

There has never been a greater need for safe and reliable transportation services for seniors. This can be a heavy burden on families who work full time, drive children to and from school, and still need to take an elderly relative to the doctor. Another important service we offer involves non-emergency transportation for patients.

Driving Companion Sarasota

The Transition for Seniors Who No Longer Drive

We’re all aware of what aging does to our ability to perform certain tasks. Even in the best conditions, we might experience a deterioration in our vision, hearing, reflexes, memory, and other faculties that are critical for driving a car. Alas, many older adults continue to drive well after they can do so safely.

Some seniors switch to walking or bike riding, but at some point even that becomes perilous. It eventually falls to relatives and caregivers to take them where they need to go, which, of course, can be burdensome.

Alternative Transportation Options

We recommend familiarizing yourself with the various transportation options if your elderly relative becomes unfit to drive.

Public Transportation
Most urban areas have some sort of public transit, but they come with a few pitfalls. Safety is probably the chief concern here, especially if you aren’t sure which neighborhoods buses and railways go through. Fortunately, Sarasota is one of the safer parts of the country, but public transportation doesn’t always provide the best accessibility for every disability some seniors experience.

Taxis, Uber, & Lyft
This is a potentially more flexible opportunity than public transit. The downside is that you have to do more planning to schedule rides and it can become rather expensive.

Senior-Dedicated Services
Some communities have volunteers who give rides to seniors. You may have heard of “dial-a-ride” services that help folks with cognitive and physical disabilities. Sometimes these are limited in availability, but they’re usually reliable and staffed by compassionate people.

In-Home Care Professionals
Perhaps the best way to satisfy transportation needs is to utilize the help of their in-home care provider. Our staff is more than happy to assist with any daily task, which includes not only cleaning and daily activities but transportation. If your relative needs help to get to the doctor, to the store or just needs a chance to visit somewhere, this can make a world of difference.

If you have family members that are approaching retirement and old age, you should carefully consider these transportation issues. The potential emotional stress and loss of agency for seniors who can’t travel are very serious.

Care Connections At Home offers several in-home services that help seniors and disabled individuals live better and enjoy life in their twilight years. Whether it’s assistance with driving, speech therapy, occupational therapy, or help with daily life tasks, we’re at your service in the Sarasota area. Call us to learn more at 941-404-5760.

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